“Hazar can only be compared to his great inspiration Paco de Lucia.”
Music critic Karsten Rube 2009

“Our next project with HAZAR could be ‘incredible strings‘.”
Al Di Meola

“I don’t know anyone who has such a great talent to play a stringed instrument and as long as HAZAR doesn’t play flamenco, I will be reassured.” 
Rafael Cortés 2020

“What Hazar plays should be technically impossible
– Hazar nevertheless plays it, and with a jaw-dropping lightness and ingenuity
– as this stunning album testifies.”

Acoustic Music 2009

“Hazar is probably the only virtuoso in the world to play Paganini’s Caprices on three-strings.”
Film Production Kaleidoscope 2006

“Paganini on saz.”
Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung 2009

“Hazar makes a special and challenging crossover to world music, by playing the Saz. The combination of this instrument with such an orchestra is rare, if not the first time ever.”
Committee Impressions of Jazz Blue and Jazz Masters Festival 2010

“Hazar is one of the best saz players of all time.”
Saz legend Prof Dr. Talip Özkan 2007 Paris

“After listening to Hazar on the saz, I can die in peace.”
Saz legend Arif Sag 2012 Stuttgart

We need more musicians like Hazar, who takes the long-necked lute
from the ethnic ghetto and from the musical into the concert hall.”
WDR Birger Gesthuiesen 2009

“Nobody has ever played the saz that way.”
Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung 18.08.2009, Ulrich Olshausen

“The Paganini of the saz.”
Acoustic Music Zeitschrift 2009

“Often the ears of the listener hardly follow,
when Hazar’s fingers sprint on the saz, the long-necked lute.”

Audio 07/09, Peter Steder

“Saz on world class level.”
Zeitschrift Rondo 2009